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Web development, app development, search engine optimization, user interface, and user experience design are developed with high security, incorporating the latest security technologies to detect various digital attacks. The Content Security Policies (CSP) integrated avoid data theft, Cross-Site Scripting (XSS), data injection attacks, malware distribution, SQL injection, DNS hijacking, and other types of site defacements. All Digital content comes with free public copyright. Including additional copyrights require special requests.
*Conditions apply.

Privacy is a fundamental human right and is considered a core value of the organization. The systems developed at Coduza utilize technologies to protect the Clients or end-users’ privacy. Although sharing information with any other individual by clients or end-users is totally up to them. The clients or end-users have total control over their personal information. The developers at Coduza put effort into building systems with such privacy. Also, the organization appreciates feedbacks to improve the user experience.

User Interface.
Coduza strictly follows human user interface guidelines issued by W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) as well as Apple® Inc (US). Each system configuration consists of eye-compatible interface designs which have a positive effect on the user’s productivity. Every system built at Coduza uses components from Bootstrap™, Flutter™, and Apple’s AppKit™, which are programming frameworks that define common interface elements. These frameworks allow systems to achieve a consistent appearance across the system while offering a high level of customization.

Coduza ensures to provide warmer customer support and frequent updates. The organization believes that continuous interaction with customers guarantees a perfect output. Support is provided through email, hotline, and video conferencing only.

Each product developed is given proper attention by a team of developers and content creators to provide a high-quality outcome. The project managers carry out special ongoing project inspections and post-delivery monitoring to ensure error-free results.

Creativity delivers unique content. The content creating team at Coduza strictly follows copyright guidelines to avoid infringements and produce 100% distinctive Content. Coduza integrates conceptual and novel ideas generated by passionate individuals to produce exceptionally creative digital content.